Sunday, June 28, 2009

Date Night

The weekend is over and it feels like it blew past me before I even had time to enjoy it. Except for one thing, that is. Cameron and I had a date Saturday night!

Cameron took a couple of pictures of me. Meet my familar, Dickens. He's ten years old and was adopted from a shelter in the Atlanta area. I actually adopted his orange and white sister, Starshine, first. But my boyfriend of the time took her over. So I went back after the weekend and brought her littermate home. In his prime, Dickens was the fastest cat in the house. His favorite game was laser tag. A few years ago, Starshine got out of the house. When she came home, she appeared to have injested anti-freeze. We rushed her to the animal hospitol but she did not survive. For about a year and a half Dickens had a terrible personality change. He ceased working as my familiar. He got out frequently. Once he disappeared for six weeks. When he came home injured, the reunion was joyful. He stayed in for several weeks before escaping again. But he no longers wanders far or long. I have come to believe that he was so grief striken by the loss of Starshine that it changed him permenately.

On our date, Cameron and I did one of our favorite things. We went to Copper River, sat on the patio, watched the sunset and flirted under the stars. Some things are to precious for words.

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  1. Beautiful post - love what you added about Dickens! I too treasure our night out and the beautiful sunset we watched from the patio! I will hold it in my heart all week long.
    Love you, sweetie!