Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wicca and Christianity

I was considering joining several online communities looking for spiritual connections within community. After wandering through several groups, I feel a bit alarmed. I saw one community where someone questioned if they could be a witch and be Christian. The answers were predictably all over the board. Yet no one addressed the question from the perspective I was taught.

I am a witch, with a belief system that consists of both Wiccan and Christian priniciples. The way I have interpreted my faith system is this:

Picture a pyramid. At the pinnacle is Divinity, The All, The Cosmic Egg, whatever you wish to call it. Christians call it God. At this level, we mere humans really cannot conceptualize Divinity. Because we cannot, we adopt metaphors in interpret Divinity through the lens we do comprehend.

Metaphorically, beneath Divinity is the trinity, or the Christian Conception of Father and son (male) and Holy Spirit (female). Wiccans interpret this second level as God and Goddess.
Further down in levels we get the angels, Gods and Goddesses. So angels, Gods and Goddesses become aspects of Divinity that we can relate to. The stories of Inanna, for example, do not define all Goddesses. But her story does define an aspect of divinity that humans can relate to.
This conceptualization meets the scriptural demand, "put no God before me." Gods and Goddesses become archetypes or aspects of the Divine.

The mistranslations of the bible are so rampant I won’t go into them here, except to remind readers that "witch" meant "oath breaker" which is now the current definition of warlock. "Never suffer a witch to live" would be correctly be interpreted as liar.

Because all of creation is a reflection of Divinity, Wiccans can say "thou art god" or "thou art goddess." We carry the divine within.

In my belief system, a spell is a prayer with props. So magic is faith made material. For example, I believe in the power of green to heal. For example, when I burn a green candle and invoke an aspect of divinity, healing occurs.

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