Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dream: The Challenger

I was in an abbey, only I was a male named Griffen. I had healing powers, which the high priest knew. But our church, while endorsing healing, did not endorse magick. I was brought in to heal a homeless woman who was out of her mind.

A very young, female challenger for my position was also there, but she did not believe in healing magic. She considered any form of magick disdainful, dangerous and forbidden. She was very competitive and any healing I gave the lost woman had to be done in a ritual circle without the challenger really realizing what I had done.

With the priest’s permission, I created a healing circle for the wandering woman. The circle was for damaged mind to know that she could always return and could always find healing within our abbey. I placed several enchanted stone candy jars around the entrance and the ritual hall. Anytime the woman needed additional healing, or an affirmation that she was loved or welcome, she could return get some of the candies.

The challenger could not see the enchantment on the candy jars, and she was angry because she could not stop the magick. To keep my book of shadows safe from her, I also created an enchanted false bottom in the altar, concealing my book of shadows in the drawer. While she was certain that she was a better magician/priestess than me, she could not find ways to undo my simple spells.

At the end of the dream she was trying to force the wandering woman, who had named herself Sarah, from the premises. Despite the challenger’s rough handling and insistence that she leave, Sarah kept plucking candies from hidden jars that I had left for her. The challenger couldn’t even see that the candies were from my magick, but believed they were from the Sarah’s magick which was wild and uncontrollable due to her mental condition.


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