Sunday, December 4, 2016

Let's Talk about Ivanka Trump

Let's speak frankly, shall we?

Ivanka Trump is a troubling topic for me. First of all, we've all seen how Donald talks about, and touches his daughter. Granted, this particular video that I chose has an overabundance of exclamation points and question marks. But any good court of law would use slow motion. And as a student therapist, all of the training I got requires that examine body language. And as victim, these points of contact and looks are exactly what I shy away from. So here's the video:

Let's assume the best. Although it's hard after seeing these as well:

Image result for trump ivanka bed
Note hand on him and hand close to crotch. 
And this:
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These pictures, at the least, indicate to me how influenced by her father Ivanka obviously is. MSNBC today pointed out that she does not seem to influence her father's thinking. I guess my point is that she has background of privilege and possible abuse that shapes the person we see in front of us. Her father said he wanted men in Yamakas but she converted to Jewdism. I'm not sure where I want to go with this thought, but there's the background.

Perhaps none of this would be my business if Ivanka wasn't sitting in on a closed-to-press meeting with the prime minister of Japan? Or why is she on a conference call to the prime minister of Argentina? And what the hell is someone who is supposed to run the business concerns doing a transition team to the president?

Put that on the back burner.

So Donald is making huge headlines about "saving" a thousand jobs in Indiana despite 800 of the additional jobs in that plant going to Mexico. Nevertheless, with him threatening tariffs of 35%. 

Now, if Ivanka wants to make America Great Again, can someone explain why she manufactures her clothing line in  China and Vietnam? Both places are under the spotlight for human rights abuses and poor labor conditions. Not to mention that she's used her very public position to sell dresses and jewelry through her twitter account. And now she is moving her shoe manufacturing out of China into Ethiopia. And while I am on a rant, Donald has the same problem as he uses 12 other countries for his products.

Putting it all together.

I'm still not sure what to think about Ivanka trump. Nevertheless, it seems that we have one very clear conclusion. Donald Trump and his daughter have taken the American public to the cleaners.

Heartland Pt 5

I continue working through 'What's the Matter with Kansas" and have arrived a the midpoint of the book, which points out that, unlike the confederate flag waving south, "the backlash in full cry without the familiar formula of racial conflict to serve s an interpretative guide". Indeed, the author argues that in Kansas "right-wing partisanship is an equal-opportunity affair, with a ready-made complaint for every demographic and a grievance for every occasion." This has a new relevance, folks, as Sam Brownback is under consideration for Trump's cabinet. He is named in the book.

In Kansas, the conservatives have appropriated language of prejudice and applied to their moderate foes, accusing them of bigotry and disliking evangelicals in the same "way that actual bigots dislike minorities". Some conservatives like Sam Brownback go much further. He's befriended the African-American caucus by constructing a museum and the Latino's with an open boarder policy. But when he sought election  in 1996 against Democrat Jill Docking of Wichita, he didn't hesitate to flood the state with TV commercials reminding voters of her maiden name Sadowsky. And then there were the mysterious phone calls the week before the election reminding voters that "Docking is a Jew."

Remember that the stereotype of a Jew is "affluent, alien, cosmopolitan, liberal, and above all, intellectual." In other words, we have become a country defied by elite's vs the plain people. And the elites, according to Rush Limbauh, include "the medical elites, the sociology elites, the education elites, the legal elties, the science elites...and the ideas thus bunch promotes through the media." This election wasn't won on policy, it was won on class warfare when a billionaire harnessed this elites

FDR turned college professors loose on the economic structure of the nation. It was these intellectuals who designed the New Deal plan, giving the country social security. So when the Republicans "privatize" Medicare and gut social security, realize the resentment of that care for the country, which is known to be highly successful, will be torn down because of grassroots anger born on the wind of resentment of "the elites."

A second anti-intellectual efflorescence came from the 50s, according to the book, in the form of Joe McCarthy when they unearthed a leftist conspiracy born in the highest-ranking families who were educated in the finest institutions. It was believed that the intellectuals betrayed capitalism; with repetition, it became common sense.

Presently, anti-intellectualism is associated with "any deviation from a system of values that they alternately identify with God and the earth-people of Red America." By rallying against intellectuals, the author observes, they reject critical thinking and church hierarchy. It embraces charismatic preachers over any form of learned organization. Now if you are Republican doctor, professor or therapist, you align with the lower class by railing and grumbling about interfering professionals: "In every social issue Republicans perceive the same pattern: a conflict of authentic and natural and the democratic with arrogan and the meddling and the foolish." In every effort at reform, conservatives scream "interference!" And this is the overarching concern that Roe v Wade propagated. It was a top down change, and now gay marriage, that changed laws in most states in the union. It was imposed by the over-educated elites. In conservative's minds, the elites define life and marriage, disdaining conservative opinion. rs54=