Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Season of Change

Last September began the season of change. I'm still working as a clinical counselor at the methadone clinic doing substance abuse counseling, but rather than going into management, as previously planned, I moved sideways adding a part time job in the afternoon/evenings at a children's mental health clinic. My original dream in grad school was private practice, and I had found my way into a business as a contractor that would give me that dream back. One I gave up on a year and a half ago when I took the new job at a just opening methadone clinic.

I had been told I would become the director, but the previous director didn't tell me it wasn't his power to reward that position. So he passed me small responsibilities, coached me in the personnel side, and then broke my heart. Hours of overtime and burnout later, a miracle occurred. But the miracle came at a price. Right now I need both checks to pay for the 12 years of neglect to our material needs, such a roof repair, kitchen floor, and car repairs. But hopefully this coming September I will go from being gone from home 16 hours a day to 10. I can live with that.

In January my weight peaked at a new high of 303 pounds, and I made a commitment to myself and my future for self-care. With Lipedema and Lymphedema as well chronic fatigue syndrome, I needed to amend my ways. I started using Almesid as a diet aid, and since Jan 12 I have lost 23 pounds. I'm afraid that the new life style and eating requires a lot of shakes for my own well being, but with my terrible schedule, they actually simplify the eating and planning. Weekends are nice when I can cook. We've had some amazing food such as pizza and potato soup.