Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goddess in a Box

I posted this challenge to my favorite e-mail list. I figured it would only be fair to answer here before everyone else begins chiming in!

As part of my first degree challenge, I was given an assignment to create a Goddess in a Box. I bought a picnic basket and could put 10 things in it that I would want to have with me in case of a pagan/wiccan emergency. Over time I found my needs changed as I took my box for various workings. It also got smaller as I got more in tune with my own needs. Here's what is in mine now:

Goddess in a Box
1. Pencil - spell writing and note taking
2. Paper
3. Small Goddess figure - mini alter
4. String - binding, cutting, and tying spells to candles
5. Matches or lighter
6. Tarot cards - divination
7. Balancing eggs - I cheat here: one pink and green; egg shaped glass does a remarkable job of balancing/calming
8. Athame
9. Candle
10. Sage incense - clearing and sanctifying

Depending on the working, I may substitute a wand for the athame. I find that it works better for delicate healing and energy work. My favorite want was previously a hair stick with a stone set in the end. It was gifted to me.


  1. I keep looking at that box and wanting another go at it now that I have figured out the process...same basic concept, different colors, a hair more controlled design....more of a rectangular box...

  2. Cameron, it is the imperfection, the innocence and vulnerability of a beginner's try, that makes it perfect. There will NEVER be another like this one, and I daresay you would have to pry it from Lady Grace's dead hands before she would replace it. Unless of course it ceases to serve its purpose and requests retirement. Until then, however, hush up.

  3. Lee's got it right, Cameron. Get a grip. I adore my box and noone, I repeate noone, may have it! It's perfect!!!!

  4. Not even if I make you a cooler better one? (Dangling temptation...)