Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Of Musings and Exhaustion

Cameron sent this silly cat pictures this morning. Firedancer and Lugh are attempting to share the basket on the dining room table.

I’m paying for staying up too late last night. Cameron had to borrow the True Heart’s strong muscles to help her wrestle 5 ft by 8 ft plywood sections she had used for backers for her last painting at school. Contrary to what her teacher told her, the cleaning staff was threatening to discard them. Given the cost of the boards, Cameron wanted to rescue them, but could not do it alone.

I got done at the clinic early and had gone home to eat a late lunch. Instead, I fell asleep. Good thing since I awakened to the call from Cameron warning they were about to pull into the driveway. I sent Cameron on to her Spanish class and offered to take the Bard home. He offered me a buffet dinner along the way. It amuses me that a man who has been single forever shows up with a different woman to this restaurant on a regular basis.

Afterward, I took Bard home and spent a little time with Priestess. Apparently her disassociative identity disorder has spontaneously integrated itself to get through this time. She tells me that metaphysical cobwebs festoon the castle where the personalities lived. Didn’t know that could happen.

Priestess tells me that Truth Teller always had a tender spot of Hannah. She thinks he visited me first so I could be strong for her. It’s an interesting thought.

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