Monday, June 22, 2009

Funerals are for the Living: Bagpipes and Amazing Grace

We gathered at the mortuary yesterday for our “viewing” of Truth Teller. Priestess expressed satisfaction with his appearance, although others were less comfortable. Priestess carried herself with great dignity. Unfortunately, she did fall at one point. She said that lupus occasionally can make her fall seemingly for no reason.

We were made welcome at Truth Teller’s parents’ home immediately following the service. They are quite well-to-do, and took great pleasure in showing off their recently renovated home which includes four and a half bathrooms, five bedrooms, a pool, a master closet that someone requested to move into–it had everything including a washer and dryer so laundry could be done on the spot.

I was greatly saddened to learn that Truth Teller had been an only child. His father takes off to New Orleans today to fulfill work responsibilities. I keep imagining his mother rattling around in that beautiful, empty house and I wonder where she fill find comfort.

Cat, who is in her early twenties, expressed dissatisfaction with the service. It had been performed by a lovely Scotts heritage Episcopalian priest. He just took over service at a local church where he’s "the fourth banana.” The other three had immediately gone on vacation, throwing him to the pagans. He used the common ceremony in their Book of Prayers, and it was lovely. Nevertheless, I’m certain Cat was not the only pagan left squirming. The ceremony was what Truth Teller had generously requested for the sake of his family. I hope they found the comfort in the service they needed.

Priestess has agreed to allow Cameron and me to lead a much more pagan ritual near Samhain. Perhaps my Pagan friends will find more comfort then. Nevertheless, I have to admit the service held power. There’s nothing like the mournful sound of bagpipes playing Amazing Grace to touch that collectively unconscious repository for grief.

We lit huge green and pink pillar candles on the house altar last night. Cameron, Christian Mystic, Cat and The Fiber Geek and myself each poured into them energy for balance and peace. May each of the people who grieve Truth Teller find their way through their grief with grace.

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  1. Funerals are indeed for the living. All in all I think Truth Teller would have approved. In fact there are a few moments that he would have been laughing his backside off at.