Friday, August 21, 2009

Pastor Blames Tornado on Gays

All it takes is a heading like this to have me off and running again! Shesh! Have they lost their minds????

Here's the article, as found at (and their art!):

By Julie Bolcer

A Baptist pastor in Minneapolis said a tornado that damaged a Lutheran church on Wednesday was a divine sign of opposition to the proposal to lift restrictions on non-celibate gay and lesbian clergy in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, reports WCCO-TV.

Pastor John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church wrote a blog post on Thursday that called the tornado a “gentle but firm warning” for the Lutheran general assembly, which is currently meeting in the city, to “turn from the approval of sin.”

The storm damaged the steeple on Central Lutheran Church in the downtown area, across the street from the convention center where church delegates are meeting.

Shortly after the storm struck, more than 1,000 delegates at the general assembly passed by one vote a social statement that allows congregations to bless same-sex relationships if they wish, but does not force congregations to do so if they are opposed.

The Lutheran general assembly is expected to vote on the question of allowing non-celibate gay and lesbian clergy on Friday.


Well, alrighty then. Soon we'll be parting the Red Sea and walking on water.


  1. xposted))

    OH!! ME ME ME..Pick me! I want to part the Red Sea and walk on water!! PLEEEEEEASE?

  2. Hmm... And here I thought it was MY turn to do all that! Alissia, why don't we each do one. Which would you prefer - parting water or walking on it?

  3. Hey, if we're able to control the weather, then why is it still so bloody hot?! You'd think I could fix it with my magical fabulousity.

  4. To FG: Oh.... Parting...I already know where the stones are.