Saturday, August 8, 2009

Choosing a Magickal Name

My email list has been talking about choosing a magickal name, so I thought it might be fun to post my email response here:

When I first began reflecting on a name, I was required to write a paper on the name I choose. I choose the name Weaver partly because I love the image of weaving the web of life. Indeed, I ran a book review site for many years called WordWeaving (yes, still part of my email address). My sister-of-the- heart, who also went through both The Grove of the Eternal Harvest training, and later, Grove of the Unicorns, became Spinner (she's a fiber-geek, so of course it fit her). We were dedicated together, forming a permanent bond on this path. By choosing names that also go together, we were ever more tightly bonded. Our friendship still shows that bond, though our names have changed over the years.

An impasse with a Lady Luna led to the name Grace. As a first degree initiate, though I had been on the Wiccan path five years, she didn't think I was ready to be DreamWeaver. She suggested Grace, which is a powerful word with powerful meaning for me. I find it appropriate that my wife's first name means Grace.

With my third degree, I put all my names together. Others choose a completely different name, as did my sister-of-the- heart. For me, transforming my name into Grace DreamWeaver brought together the disparate parts of self into a unified whole. I love the name and I value what it says about me. It also challenges me to step out of my anal retentive, Virgo self and into the world of dreams, possibility, and magick. I am:

Lady Grace DreamWeaver,
Priestess and Daughter of the Gods

I love that phrase...LOL it's part of a traditional Unicorn quarter call...but it's empowering. For me, when I need to ground and center, stepping into an uncomfortable situation or facing something unknown or difficult, it's become a Mantra. I still here Lady Amber calling quarters, calling the Lord and Lady, using that phrase and I still feel the shiver of power going up my back.

Of course, today I would follow up with: Servant of the Goddess Bastet, She of the litter boxes, cat food, and petting (that's a bit humbling...LOL). Back to chores and homework!


  1. I love hearing how people choose their spiritual or magickal names. The act of renaming ourselves is so powerful!