Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Java's Chair

Furchildren: Rascal, Tannis and Temptation

We had the most wonderful houseguest this weekend. Light's mother, Java, stayed for a couple of days. We even took her to Back Porch Priestess. I knew that Java had been missing out of Priestess' life too long (they had not yet met in this lifetime). They are both the kind of people that when you meet them, it feels like "there you are, where have you been?" Like you've always known them, lifetime after lifetime, and it was about damn time they showed up!

Check out Java's blog for the adventure of seeking out the needed part to fix my free glider chair. The glider was gifted to us last summer with the warning it needed repair. Of course, it went into the storage building of holding. Then Light dug it out of the storage building two weekends ago. Then her marvelous mother and Cameron fixed it for me yesterday. Of course, right now it is occupied by the furbabies, who have refused to give me a turn to sit in it. But it looks great!

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  1. Cats always pick the best chair in the house, don't they? It's a compliment to the repair job on your glider!