Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Acts of Kindness

I have a new hero. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett had dismissed his security detail to attend a county fair Saturday night. When he heard a woman’s voice screaming for someone to call 911, he rushed to see what has happening. A domestic violence incident was in process, and a grandmother struggled to protect her one-year-old granddaughter and herself. The mayor tried to sooth in the perpetrator, but when he took out his cell phone to call for help, the man attacked the mayor. The perpetrator hit the mayor on the head and torso with a metal pipe, and the mayor struck back with enough force to fracture his hand. The perpetrator was later arrested. The woman and child were uninjured.

After a spate of disillusioned posts bemoaning the state of the universe, I find it refreshing to read this front page story in the newspaper this morning. I need the reminder that there are good people out there who do good things because it is the right thing to do. Certainly the mayor's political position brought the shine of the spotlight on his good dead. I find that to be a beautiful thing with the disillusionment I feel with my government officials right now.

I am also mindful of the small kindnesses that have touched my own life. Often at the beginning of the semester, Mother L has sent Cameron and I $50 each to apply toward school book money. A friend gave Cameron a car so she could back to school, instead of using it as a down payment for her new vehicle. A lovely carpenter arrived at my home last fall and repaired the outside of my trailer, which otherwise was slated to be condemned. Someone gave me a cupcake and a smile. Each small act of kindness become a ripple and a catalyst of positive change.


  1. Yes, our hearts need to hear "good news" stories like this and counting our blessings is always a good practice! Have a great day!

  2. Oh, good for the mayor!! This is a good turn of a bad story.