Monday, August 17, 2009

Deity is an Iron

Today the office manager of the not for profit clinic, where I am a Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Student, asked me to see the Wiccan family of a former client. The child had been assigned to me because there would be things I might "get" that another therapist would not because - duh, I'm Wiccan. After completing the required sessions I did not expect there to be any further need of counseling.

However, today I was offered the opportunity to see the entire family. Aware of issues beyond my current level of training, I requested a male co-therapist. The office manager suggested a wonderful minister/intern. I accepted, said I would talk to him, and went my merry way. After talking to him, and he accepted, I had a moment of clarity and insight.

I just asked a Baptist Preacher Man to be my co-therapist with a Wiccan family. Oh, and I'm lesbian, which he has openly expressed as something which he theologically disagrees. Why did I do it? After yesterday I am tempted to say I've lost my mind. Maybe I did it because our God is an iron, and life is filled with little ironies. I love Preacher Man because his heart is true. We spent a semester of pastoral therapy together, and I trust him. I know a little of his back story and nothing but the greatest respect for him. And so one more time I become the Lady's emissary to spread the GLBTQ message, one human being at a time.

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