Friday, August 28, 2009

Chakras = Energy Centers

I attended a day long seminar yesterday entitled "Beyond talk therapy..." It had four presentations. The first was on a EMDR and DNMS. The second presentation was a massage therapist & bodyworker with 20 years of experience who uses bodywork to release the trauma that gets stored in the body (deep tissue work). It was fascinating.

The third really got my attention. The presenter is a license therapist who uses energy work with trauma clients. I was amused when someone one in the audience asked if energy centers are the same as chakras, which of course, they are. That which was once considered too weird is now moving into the therapy room! Anyone who is curious can learn about energy therapies at She also used the energy fields of body for "tapping," which allows the client to access the limbic system and recovery from trauma. More at and

The last presentation was a yoga person whose studio focus is therapeutic yoga for students with chronic physical and mental health issues. By that time, I was relieved to do a few deep breathing and stretching exercises!

While the audience had mixed reactions to the presentations, it was awesome for me to be in a setting where my new age, eclectic wiccan views are not at cross purposes with more conservative therapeutic practice. I once was asked if I could do a chakra balancing as part of a session. Word got back to a conservative (Baptist minister's wife) supervisor who was not happy about it. Sigh.

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  1. My therapist was at that conference!! I saw her today and she told me about it. She really enjoyed it, too.