Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Cameron!

An open letter to the love of my life:

Six years ago today we began this journey together. We spent weeks planning this day, talking, preparing. We entered into sacred space, and created the magick that binds us together. In January we will affirm our vows to one another in front of our friends. But six years ago, with the Lord and Lady as our witness, we began the most powerful, wonderful, transformational relationship either of us have ever experienced.

Cameron, thank you for being there for me, during the dark of the night, when PTSD hit, and I was terrified. Thank you for being at my side, sharing my family, as my partner at our sons' weddings. Thank you for going home with me last summer and meeting my parents. Thank you for leading me to our Episcopalian church. Thank you for the beauty of your singing, the crinkles at the corner of your eyes, and the way you smile at me. Thank you for loving our furbabies as much as I do.

Your love has brightened the darkest days, comforted the darkest nights, and leant me courage when I had none. Your love has been like a warm blanket, embracing me and keep me warm. Your love has been faithful, honorable, dependable. Your love has been vibrant, brilliant and beautiful. I am privileged to live with you, to sleep at your side, to share your days. I give my heart into your safe keeping, always.

May the Lord and the Lady bless us with many, many more years.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! You both are wonderful people, and it's a loving experience to be around you even virtually. I wish you many many more. Thanks to the both of you for letting us in a bit and sharing your love with us. The depth and warmth of it is awe inspiring.


  2. Happy Anniversary and bright blessings to you both.