Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kitty Come Home

Dickens never went outdoors as a young cat. Only after I bought my trailor six years ago and moved with too many cats did Dickens begin to escape outdoors.

He once disappeared for more than a month, I was terrified he would not come home. These days he's getting older, about age 10, but he is still very fast, and knows just how to slip out between my ankles.

This weekend he didn't come home. Worried about his well being, Cameron cast her "Kittly, Come Home Spell." She no soooner than carved his name into the candle, and Dickens was home.


  1. yay! long ago I lost a dog while travelling and a friend did a spell to find her....found her the next day.

  2. Sounds like your Kitty Come Home spell raised "Great Expectations" that paid off for Dickens!

  3. Once would be a coincidence, however, a few months ago, one of our other cats, Lugh got out. Dickens is a come and go cat; Lugh is NOT. He is an adorable total housecat, and being outside like that for the first time ever...we think he panicked and didn't know what to do. So did we. He was missing for over 73 hours.
    That was when I created the "come home kitty" spell/prayer. I perceive, btw, spells as prayers with props. I set up the spell/prayer. Built into it is an inward spiral of our garden earth to create a "path" for a strayed cat to "find" their way home on. And their name is carved into the candle wax to specify its for them. Four hours later, Lugh was on the back porch, wide eyed and shaken, but home.
    So, I am not suprised that, given the bond we have with Dickens, whom we have had for much longer, that I barely got the thing lit before Dickens sauntered up. In his case, I think it was more along the lines of he suddenly noticed that his people wanted him HOME, via the beacon of the spell!
    So thats twice! Good to know. I have to say, though, my nerves really do not want a third test! Maybe I need to create a "kitty STAY home" spell! LOL!