Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wiccan Mysteries

When one of my HPs was at the point of burnout and spiritual crisis, she began proclaiming that were no mysteries. It was one of the most tragic things I have witnessed. She certainly had walked the path of Divnity and had been a vital part of our community for much longer than I had. It was heart breaking. I've also thought a lot about the "mysteries" every since.

There's a moment of transcendence when, as initiate, you stand before the Lord and Lady, channelled by your HP, that defies words. That moment, for me, defines our "mysteries". That moment has become my yardstick that I use to measure everything that comes afterward. Certainly I needed the group, the preparation, the study, and the desire to become something more than I was. And when that moment comes, reality takes on a numinous quality and is never quite the same afterward. Which makes my currently solitary status (despite being part of a woman's spiritual group) all the more poignant. And what led me to the company of this group.

In The Protector's War, S.M. Stirling describes the numenous moment thus:

A wild torrent that was joy and terror and neither, a communication with something uttler Other and yet as familiar as a parent's touch in the night: vast beyond knowing and woven into every atom of your being. (363)


  1. thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post...there are several witches and druids and pagans on my blog roll, you might want to check them out..Gods are Bored is one. and several others..thanks again..ydg

  2. Lady Grace, I have nothing of value to add to this discussion right now but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your spiritual experiences and the wisdom you have gained over these many years.

    On second thought, I will also add here, somewhat related to this post and your previous one, that even though I am not a Wiccan, and practice my eclectic path as a solitaire, I would not take anything for my public dedication to the Ancients Ones, performed at Cameron's home on 10-13-2000. The experience opened my eyes to more than I ever dreamed possible, and I would recommend everyone participate in some form of public ritual in honor of the path they have chosen, even if they ordinarily practice alone.

  3. Dreamweaver,

    I, too, have had some experience with the "mysteries." I have never been the same, either.

    I wanted to say thank you for your much needed support. It is so very much appreciated. You are a most loving friend.

    Many blessings,