Friday, July 31, 2009

A Gift from My Lover

Cameron and I spend way to much time apart with our conflicting schedules. One way we remain close is photos taken with our camera phones. She just sent me this one; it's so beautiful I had share immediately!

Indeed, this a perfect Lughnasadh gift. In keeping with next week's Sabat, I wanted to think about this first harvest. This year I am harvesting the grains of my hard work. I am half way through my clinical practicum experience and have successfully "graduated" several clients this month. I have been at my job as a substance abuse counselor for six months, and will be able to use vacation time to take my sex ed class next week.

My vision continues to grower clearer for the next steps in my spiritual path. I will begin a fellowship next fall and begin building my business as a lesbian identified, pagan therapist. Mine and Cameron's dream of beginning a spiritual mentorship program for Wicca is beginning to coalesce. We've begun the tentative thought process and private blog to begin working our ideas into a concept.

Moreover, despite financial and school challenges, my relationship with Cameron continues to flourish. Everyday I am more amazed at the fruits of this relationship.


  1. You're right, what a fabulous Lughnasadh photo! May the Goddess continue to reward your hard work with blessings.

  2. Dreamweaver,
    I hold your and Cameron's love and caring second only to one other. You support each other on the path, even when the path takes you different directions than either of you had before contemplated. Alone you are strong, together invincible. It is you love and unity of spirit that gives both of you such strength.

    Best to you on your Practicum, and to Cameron on his exams. May many dances under the Solstice moon pass before you are ever separated, and then but briefly in the scheme of things.

    It was my luck to meet you two,but no where near as fortuitous as your and Cameron's pairing...handfasting.

    Blessed be.


  3. I am so very glad that your Lughnasadh is bringing blessing into your life this year. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished and are about to undergo. My love to both of you.