Thursday, January 2, 2014

There's Going to Be a Lot of Cat Pictures this Year

In the spirit of mindfulness, I want to focus this year on things that give me joy. Lugh is definitely one of the things in my life that gives me joy.

Lugh at bedtime last night
Lugh is a kitten that never catted. He can simply curl one paw and slay me with cuteness. I'm not quite sure how he does it.

In the spirit of bringing joy to others, I made Mississippi Mud brownies yesterday. Actually, I made two double batches. One went to a friend who is in the process of moving. The other I brought to work today. Counselors and staff need a reward for showing up to work the day after New Year's on a Thursday!

I've also been making candles. I had thought to make quarter candles for family-of-the-heart, but I'm still learning how to handle color, and am not satisfied with the results. The candles are fine, but not quite the colors I had intended. So now I have lovely new candles either to share or use. No loss either way!


  1. my friend Barbara friended a beautiful gray and white cat with the softest fur ever...when she showed up she was pregnant and afraid of everything..Barbara has the patience of a saint..she would sit and just talk softly to her for hours..then she'd go inside and prego would eat and run..this went on till she had the kitties and she let barbara help her ...she's still fearful, but she's well loved and knows it.I give her treats and am allowed to pet her..but thats in..cats..maye I need to fix her some brownies.