Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grief and Cats

Ten years ago I moved from Atlanta to South Carolina. I had lost virtually everything. My home, my children, my coven. The evil ex-boyfriend had spread lies that took years to live down. Some still affect my life in profound ways.

The only thing I didn't loose was my cats. 16 of them. I actually moved twice before getting my current home, living in a friend's basement and later in Cameron's studio. The cats were accommodated with the expected challenges.

In the early years of living in my mobile home, we occasionally had unfortunate great cat escapes. The backdoor didn't always latch, despite our best efforts. A few found other homes. Others just disappeared and never returned. One that was ill was eventually discovered to have died under the house. It was heart breaking to loose each one.

Eventually we did find a way to repair the back door. The cats grew older. Others joined our cat colony. Of the original, Dickens was my familiar and died about a year and a half ago. Several of Cameron's original colony have also died in the last year or two.

In no particular order, and with duplicates because I love the pictures, I share these with you.

Legba and Xian
Tannis when Thor came to live with us.
Dickens and Chole
Dickens and Lotus
Little John and Legba
Rascal and Tannis

Thor and Legba
Wee Bit
Lotus deceased 1/22/2014
Dickens and me 2010
Yesterday the last of my sixteen cats from Atlanta died of Cancer. Lotus was found in a parking lot in Atlanta by a dog person. She called me, saying "what do I do with it." She came home in shoe box. Lotus came to rule the house with well enforced personal boundaries. She didn't like kittens, believing they weren't really cats.

We still have 18 cats in the house. Two are older, most are middle aged, and about seven are under the age of three. Nevertheless, we mourn each loss and remember their stories with joy.

Lady Bastet, we are your humble servants. You bless us with your children for the short time they walk this work and you call them home to you. One day my own body will return to the earth and I will cross the Rainbow Bridge where I will be blessed beyond measure.

Dickens, my familiar


  1. You made me cry. I remember each and every one of them, whole, in my heart and always will. It's so hard to give them back, though we have them "on loan" to love and cherish. And I love our remaining little fur family all the more, and treasure each day with them.

  2. The end of an era with the passing of poor Lotus. My condolences.

  3. my friend ole Buzzard and his wife lost their ragdoll cat after 18 years.the are in such pain..sorry for all the suffering we must go thru when we use our baby's.