Saturday, January 18, 2014


It's a three day weekend and I intend to enjoy it! Today I've been cooking. I just finished making banana bread which has Godiva chocolate and a few walnuts. It's utterly decadent...mmm....

Banana Bread 
And for lunch...

Broiled potatoes and olive oil
Also made my version of potatoes for lunch. Made large fry shapes with potato skins on, with olive oil and seasoning...served with sour cream. It's a lovely lunch on a cold winter day.

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies for desert.  I love Saturday because it's a day to eat just what we want.

Between and around the cooking, I am working on a MacDubh, or Doodle as I have nicknamed him, doggy sweater. Pattern can be found here: A Dog and a Sweater. Given that we have a rottweiler/dachshund cross, the measurements are interesting. Given that I only have been crocheting for a year, can barely follow a pattern and have never measured anything for fit before, the results are simply amazing. Here it is so far:

Even managed to use the stitch markers correctly for the leg holes.
And an update on our house renovations. We now have a stone hearth and walls for the wood stove expected to be installed on Monday:

I love this stone wall!
I love long weekends!


  1. Your stone wall and hearth rock! Enjoy the extra time off!

  2. 'I'm fixing to do some's a beautiful day out and I should be outside ..but baking just sounds better.