Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spiritual Separation

Take out a sauce pan...

We all have 'em. Not such much a spiritual crisis as a spiritual separation from the Divine. Those moments when the spark of the Divine seems a little cold. Not necessarily the journey into the abyss; more like an absence of enthusiasm for spiritual connection. Fatigue. Mild disillusionment. Or a life so full of necessity that we forget to step in front of the altar. A life spent answering a calling that separates from the personal connection.

Add a pinch of spice.

Yesterday a client stepped into my office for a treatment plan, and I found myself telling him the things I needed to hear ... funny how that happens. I discussed with him the stages of faith. He's Christian, so the conversation led to how belief can grow. For some, they need the rules and strictures of organized religion. Others grow disillusioned with it. Still others find it too confining as they struggle to integrate science with conservatism. He says his wife says "you just have to have enough faith" as his church teaches, but he says he can't deny the scientific proof of dinosaurs. So now he's having to allow the grey areas of questioning and have faith his God is big enough to take it. I assured him that He is.

Stirring the pot.

So now my separation seems to be slipping away.

I've known for a long time that becoming a therapist was the answer to a  calling. Just as I know the skills I've gained are preparing me for the move Cameron and I want to make to the Pacific Northwest. Moving to a place we've never been to weather the coming global financial crisis. Making a commitment to the next stage of a calling we can't even yet define. Talk about walking by faith! LOL

Putting the saucepan on the back burner. Probably will do more with it when the time is right. We'll let the thoughts simmer awhile.

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  1. Sometimes simmering is exactly what we need, I find. Can't be at a full boil all the time, LOL!