Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Southern variety just brought to the office
So my co-worked walked through the office a few moments ago, flower in hand. I asked what she had and she thrust a gardenia under my nose. Mmmm...I want one of these plants in my dream garden.

Cameron and I have kept a private blog for about two years with our dream house ideas, thoughts about our future move, etc. Since we don't have anyway to make our dream concrete just yet, the blog has remained rather private. To protect our anonymity, some thoughts regarding the move shall continue to be private. So I'm going to add more of those dreams here. Call it manifestation.

Gardenia jasminoides

With a grow zone of 8, our future garden will need to either be very cold hardy or grown indoors.

So I've found a hardy gardenia in a Portland nursery. I read somewhere they like coffee grounds to balance acidity in the soil. In the south they prefer light shade, but in Oregon they need full sun. I'll need to plant them when I plant the trees in the spring to give the roots time to settle and spread.

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  1. Yes, you'll notice a difference in the climate alright between South Carolina and Oregon, LOL! Where I live in Alberta is even further north, so some things you could grow in Oregon we wouldn't be able to here. But you'll discover new plants and different varieties to delight in!