Friday, June 15, 2012

Berries and flowers

So I took my own pictures of raspberries with the cell phone last night, but they waiting until this morning to show up! Go figure.
I planted this tulip tree about 4 years ago when it
was 6 inches tall. It's about 12 feet now!

Hosta and Daisies

The daisies are trying to take over the enter bed. Didn't know
they would due that until I had to move them out of the garden.
Unfortunately, I didn't get them all and the tomatoes are feeling crowded!

A good pruning leaves space for the sun to grow more raspberries!

Finding all the berries requires about three trips around the bed.

Raspberry bush

Raspberry Bush

I love they way the berries tuck away under leaves. Less for
the birds and more for me!


I want to make a difference, one tree, one flower, one berry at a time! Blessed be.

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