Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stilts and Zippers

Yes, that's a man on stilts, mudding the wall. He'll do the same to paint it. My job is never dull...

If my boss will commit to it, this may become my new office.

And this is the zipper just outside my door while they work...Someone just poked his head through and said I have to get out of my office...shesh...


  1. What a circus, and not the popcorn candy kind! Man, I hope you get the new office!!! I know you won't be in your office tomorrow, maybe not for a day or two...hang in there...good things are coming, some of them short range, some long range. The short range is we're past the hump day , and Friday's just around the bend, and you don't have to work this Saturday! And somewhere in here, since I have to house sit, you need to come help me keep an eye on that hot tub! We have to be sure its working right, and doesn't walk away! :)

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words, beloved.