Friday, September 16, 2011

Grump -- Office

Yes, that's plywood over the window
over my desk.
 It used to be the office to have. The smallness, 4 x 10 feet, was overcome by the watching the sunrise through the east facing window. Then the owner decided construction is in order. I've now survived the removal of the brick from the opposite side of the wall, the addition of the roof to extend another 12 feet (why is he only adding 12 feet when the original plans called for 36?? We'll just have to do all of this again!). Hammering, sawing, electrical, studs added, roofing's been a noise filled nightmare from seven in the morning until we leave at a little after 12. Usually by ten I'm so numb from noise I can no longer function. I rarely have headaches but I am now getting them daily.

When I stand up, the chair
hits the wall. 
Yesterday I booted my computer and the power circuit to my office and the conference room went out.  The electrician forgot to tape a screw and it shorted. It was three hours before I had lights and a computer to use.

With the closure of the window, my office is very dark. One of my lamps had to be moved yesterday to the conference room as our intakes were sitting in the dark. I do have an overhead light, but can't use it. It's flickered since I got the office and when I asked for a repair, I was told the part would cost $50. The owner's response? "Give her another lamp." The jerk who opened up the fixture didn't bother to put it back together (took two years to get him to look). So, to add insult to injury, I not only have exposed plywood I also have dangling wires in my office. The walls are bare and my stuff has been carried to my trunk because the construction work warned they will hang sheet rock over the next few days. The process is messy and I was advised to move breakables. Can we say my office it depressing?

I'm a substance abuse counselor. My clients have to shout to be heard at times. I'll be really glad when the construction ends. To be honest, I had hoped and prayed I'd be able to resign before the process began, because I knew it would be a nightmare. Unfortunately, the gods seem to think I need to be here a little longer. Apparently the gods are easily amused.


  1. Hang in there -- may the gods deliver you soon!

  2. Extending a glass of plum wine to you, along with the bottle! We will get out of this - at least you got the electricians on your side today! And I AM glad to know you will be getting one of the nice new offices, if you are stuck there past the completion of the the construction. Far better still, if we can get out before then, admittedly!
    "Its a matter of honor and a matter of pride
    I can't explain how I feel inside,
    I have tried to cheer up, but the bottom line...
    If I can grump, I'll just plumb whine!"
    A.J. Adams