Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cat Lady, Servant of the Lady Bastet

Cameron told me I should have added that title to previous post....I should have listened. Indeed, Cameron has been telling me for weeks what dervishes the cats have become. Don't think I've ever had 6 kittens, approximately 6 months old, in the house at the same time. The house ain't safe. Literally. I really should have listened to Cameron.

Cameron's house sitting for a friend, so I woke alone this morning. Mercy, I miss that wonderful transgender human being. But I digress.

We've both been sick lately, and in a mad dash for the bathroom, I set the laptop aside with the cover up. Bad mistake. I'm not sure which cat jumped on the keyboard, began the music, panicked and unsheathed a claw to get away, but the result was spectacular.

To add insult to injury, a little later I rounded the kitchen corner as the toaster hit the ground. There stood Dante, attempting to look very innocent.

Our cats:

Dickens (Charles Dickens)
Tannis (god)
Legba (god)
Lucy (red headed mother of 5 kittens by Firedancer)
Xian (god)
Bear (Bear Burgman)
Wee Bit whose tale is named Be-Wit
Marmalade (mother of Hermione by Firedancer)
Pippin (Lord of the Rings)
Browning (Elizabeth Barrett Browning, he's the only survivor of 3)
Starshine (Favorite literary cat hero)

The kittens:
Hermione (5 months)

The rest, age 6 months:
Dante (poet)
Rossetti (Christina Rssetti, poet)
Mya (Mya Angelou, poet)
Amergan (celtic god)
Audre (Audre Lord, poet)

That's some serious energy...


  1. That is an impressive amount of destruction there, in one morning! I think you may need to leave out a bowl or three or more of milk for the minions of Bastet to atone to the Goddess for whatever it was that set this off! 0.o Maybe if you can get them all sleepy and warm and sacked out, you can get some things back to And I miss you too! I want to come home!

  2. I hate to say it, but you missed a few - Lugh and Persephone, son and daughter of WeeBit, and Rascal, the big orange lazy one. And I suppose we ought to mention Tuck, the feral prodigal son, and mighty hunter. This at least explains why the dog needs therapy - at this point he thinks he's a cat.

  3. Debra, that's a lotta cat sand and cat boxes! LOL