Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lovely Sunday Morning

I imagine this as the first true cool, crisp fall Sunday morning that has occurred this year. I'm imagining because the waterbed is warm, my toes are warm, I'm blogging, researching mushrooms and recipes from the comfort of bed. I had to interrupt myself just for this quick post. There's a Sunday fall clarity to the light; the wheel has clearly shifted. We'll be setting our clocks back soon, as it was still mostly dark at seven this morning. I've already had my first diet Coke and two slices of homemade banana bread. My lover snores lightly at my right elbow, and Lotus, our aging grand dame Orange Cat, purrs over my shoulder. She purrs as loudly as any three of my other furbabies put together.

My familiar, Dickens, dozes at my elbow between the jostling of the computer and recipe book. I'm inspecting James Vilas' Crazy for Casseroles: 275 All-American Hot Dish Classics. Makes me terribly aware of our limited budget, and my limited exposure to the world. Hence my research of mushrooms. I just learned that those funny mushrooms, revealed in the kicked up leaves of autumn strolls of southern Indiana are morels mushrooms. We used to slice them thin and fry them in butter.

I'm dreaming today. I'm moving all my recipes to a blog so I can search/track them. So far I'm keeping them private because virtually every one is copied from somewhere. I'm not a foodie cook, yet, but I want to be. I dream of what I want my life to be five years from now, when my lover and I can see the Sandy River from our bed, as we wake on cool, crisp fall mornings. I found a marvelous blog post of the Portland Farmer Market. I want to shop regularly there. Lady, hear my prayer, as I manifest our future.

Had to work yesterday morning. For three years I've not answered the phones because the inbound line didn't ring my disk. They fixed it. Grrr...I'm amused by the way I've trained myself out of hearing phones. I answered a few times, but I really don't listen for them anymore. But I digress.

Cameron will wake soon...She's (well, my transgender partner, he) has promised me bacon and eggs. If I linger long enough, I'll have breakfast in bed. Think I'll ask for a cup of hot chocolate...


  1. These are the moments that make it all worthwhile -- enjoy!

  2. I did indeed fix her hot chocolate and breakfast in bed - I am fascinated by the morrels mushrooms, as they don't grow around here and I am not sure I have ever seen them before! I walked the dog before I did anything else and Dreamweaver's perception of it being a cool crisp autumn morning out there was completely accurate - I think the warmest it got all day was in the high 60's, which given that 2 weeks ago we were having temperatures that were in the low to mid 90's, was a wonderful temperature shift! It felt so lovely! It was indeed a day to enjoy and treasure...and I personally think Dreamweaver's already a foodie, thank you vey much, given the wonderful meals coming out of our kitchen lately. I am not too shabby a cook, and no one will starve on my watch, and stuff even tastes good when I cook it...but I am not in her league as a cook by a long shot - I look forward to learning from her as time goes by! Happy Autumn!