Thursday, February 10, 2011

What the Hell am I Doing Here?

So Cameron's car is in the shop and her hips won't let her drive a stick shift. So I offered to drive her to school tonight. It's about 40 minutes each way, so it didn't make since to drive home for only an hour before heading out again to pick her up (not to mention the gas money). I brought the computer with the idea of going to Panera Bread for the their wi-fi. I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not...

I set up just inside the front door. It's a bit breezy here, but the people watching is good. How is it that virtually all the people having supper at Panera Bread are skinny??? I've been sitting here for two hours and only seen one woman who is heavy as I am...of course, I'm newly sensitized to the extremity of my size having visited Ross' just before coming here. The good news is that I found an awesome pair of work pants (why is that plural if I bought one?) and the bad news is full length mirrors. 'Nuff said.

So I'm sitting here bravely resisting the call of sweets and treats. I won't even buy a drink because I'm convinced the chocolate will attack me. I talk myself around to a comfort zone when I see a huge influx of people dressed for church. Wait, it is Thursday night. Why??? Yep, I pegged it right. There's a bible study going on in the corner. They are passing a book and taking turns reading a paragraph each.

Well, alrighty then. Guess they have the right. So can I bring Starhawk's book and have a study group too?

This is the south. I'd probably be lynched before I made it to my car. I really gotta move.


  1. They lure you in with the free WiFi -- that's how they get you! The sweets and treats, I mean, not the Bible thumpers!

  2. Oh, I find my self wanting to visit this study group, just to have the fun of fleeing the angry mob!

  3. Yeah, I probably would have gone over and shook 'em up...however, I usually can do that, leave them wondering what hit them, and all warm and fuzzy and confused, and stroll away. Its fun. However, it wasn't so fun for Dreamweaver...*hugs* Sorry you encountered the Stepford Wives and Wifelets in fun.