Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fox News and the Middle East

For quite some time I have joined much of the world in watching events in the Middle East. My oldest son did a tour in Iraq and I worried for his safety. I joined much of the world as Iraq held their first election. When Allawi won, I joined the world's confusion as Malaki jockied for power and delayed forming his government until he had a power base formed. Cameron and I watched the day the UN broadcast Iraq's release from Chapter 7 sanctions. We also witnessed the forming of their government (since they were speaking Arabic, we were really confused when Allawi got pissed and walked out with twenty other parliamentary members). But I digress from where I really wanted to go.

As the sudden civil unrest mounts in Egypt, Cameron and I have watched the news with great trepidation. It's not the underclass protesting conditions. Instead, it the educated, the professors, the white collar workers who can't find a job, who can't feed their families, who have no hope while their leader flies ice cream and yogurt in from France and has 80 billion in private holdings. but I digress...

I identify with the educated people in Iraq and Egypt who thought getting an education would provide them with a solid future. I bought into the same promises. I have a $250,000 student loan and the monthly payments are more than I bring home. Indeed, my wages of gone down substantially while the interest has added to that loan. I only make $28,800 and Scrooge hasn't given raises in two years. That's $8000 less than the job I moved to SC for. That's $14,000 less than I made as debt collector before the company closed (only needed a high school diploma for that job). And a fraction of the $64,000 I made as a technical writer in the '90s before the .com crash and the loss of that career. But I digress...

So this morning Cameron tells me that Fox News can't seem to use a correct map of the Middle East. Here's what they put on the news:

CLASSIC: Fox News Egypt FAIL

Hmmm...I thought Egypt was part of Northern Africa...And looks like they lost Iraq all together! LOL Here's a correct map:

Moral of the story: Maybe this over educated technical writer / substance abuse counselor should have gone to work at Fox news so they can use the right map.


  1. Maybe Iraq just renamed itself as Egypt -- ever think of that? I'm sure Fox thinks so!

  2. That's such a huge facepalm. I really wish that I could put more faith in my news media, but I mean come ON!