Thursday, February 24, 2011


I took over a mindfulness group that meets once a week at work shortly after beginning working in substance abuse treatment. While meditation is virtually impossible in our environment--most of my clients would simply fall asleep--I try to introduce some mindfulness technique to my clients. I relate the concept of being aware of triggers with mindfulness. I also work with them on how to recognize stress in their bodies and how to use that awareness to their advantage. It's gotten to be a fairly popular group (clients only show up once, unfortunately, when they are required to take a group in order to earn privileges).

So it's taken me two years to make time to really research mindfulness and think about applying it to my own life. I've used meditation in my life for a long time. Studying Wicca requires it. But I'm now learning to use it more fully. Tonight I decided to check out youtube to see what it might offer. I really like this guy and thought I would share. He does a good job of just getting a person reoriented to breath work and mindfulness.

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