Friday, February 11, 2011

Burnout, Vending and Reflection

Cameron chatting with my coworker,
who was vending in the next booth.
As many of you may recall, last year was Designs by Dreamweaver's first year vending at festivals. We learned quickly that vending in downstate SC is a waste of time. People don't have the money to spend. We did a lot better in NC, and had thought we might just do a few festivals there this year.

However, we are a year older. I'm still recovering from last year's burnout. And I was very surprised to learn that the studio stays a little colder than I like for working polymer clay in the winter. I've barely been in there for last several months. Worse, Cameron's hip continues to deteriorate. Don't tell Cameron that I've told you, but I don't think she can make it a season toting a tent and setting up and tearing down a booth. Indeed, I'm not sure my knees will, either. While my coworker is making plans and inviting us to festivals, I am finding myself back peddling. While he was searching festivals, however, he found the following pictures from Chesnee, SC taken last May:

Yep, that's me. I actually like this picture. fairly flattering.
As a kid, my parents never took me anywhere and certainly not to a carnival. The little kid part of me delighted in the rides, the lights, and the smell of cotton candy. I don't honestly know how I managed to work eight hours, come home and work six more making pendants, and spend the whole weekend vending. I also had to flip my sleep schedule every weekend since I go to bed around 8 every night. It was crazy!

The carnival lights are one of the best things about vending.
So this year any festival attendance will be by pleasure rather than necessity. I'm glad we did it, but I don't have it in me to repeat the experience this year.


  1. I'm sure that's a wise decision. Burnout is not worth it.

  2. Yes, a wise decision. Not to mention I'm selfish enough to hope this means seeing you guys more often in the coming months! lol...