Monday, September 21, 2009

Cost of Insurance Outweighs Police Protection in SC

One more reason to be ashamed of being from SC. Wellford, just down the road from me, no longer allows either foot chases or car chases because of the threat of insurance claims. The mayor believes that insurance charges outweight catching criminals!

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  1. Follow up: News Channel 7 states that "Under pressure, mayor resinds no-chase policy."

    The mayor was quoted as saying, "They can run, jkump, climb trees, tumble, wreck cars, whatever they want to." She has compared herself to SC's Joe Wilson, "I'm like Joe Wilson. He was forced to apologize. I'm changing (the policy) not because I want to, but because I've been asked to."

    They mayor certainly can't see that the policy, "is likely to encourage resisting arrest, fleeing from law enforcement, and in my judgement puts officers at more riks than if they were able to pursue fleeing felons" as stated in a letter to Attorney General Henry MeMaster from Seventh Circuit Solicitor Trey Gowdy.