Monday, September 28, 2009

Having the Flu can be Quite Instructive

I've been offline, for the most part, for the last week because I have had some variant of the flu. I don't claim to be well today, only somewhat better. I only missed one day of work last week, but I had to cancel all of my appointments with my clients at the teaching clinic. One had asked for an emergency appointment, which I did not keep. I did, however, make an exception to my cancellations and kept one scheduled appointment.

Despite extensive, sensitive payment arrangements and other compromises, I have a client that is very unhappy with me. I suppose I expect too much. Or that my simple presence, coughing, hacking and blowing my nose, would be enough. Guess not. Now today I have a unique opportunity to become a target. I'm about to go completely out of my way, and with this borderline personality disorder, very likey to get the blame if things go poorly. Some days I have to wonder just what was I thinking when I wanted to be a therapist.

1 comment:

  1. *hugs* You were thinking that you wanted to make a difference...and by extension make the world a bit better.

    You do. Today you can't see it because you're sick and you're being treated unfairly by someone you're trying to help. Try to cling to the good things or just hang in there - there some day soon there will be someone who you genuinely deeply help....and that will make this bump seem worth it.