Thursday, September 3, 2009

Duality in Wicca

Looking at the second question posted to my email Wiccan group:

It is stated in this chapter that the God and Goddess are equal, and that religion based entirely on feminine energy is just as unbalanced and unnatural as one totally masculine in focus. What is your view?
I am horrified that we are training newbies that just focusing on male or female energy is unnatural. Certainly, male and female energy create a balance, harmony, resonance. Male energy certainly functions differently than female energy. Male energy is projective while female energy is receptive. Certainly the traditional coven in which I trained preferred male/female duality. But this mindset is based in dualism. Being a gay woman, to me, fundamentally challenges dualism. If I don't cast my life in dualistic energy systems, and I function healthily, then I don't need to cast my religion in dualism.

Indeed, when I was struggling to recover from spiritual abuse, I had to walk away from Christianity and that meant, for me, male energy. I needed to find a healthy way to Divinity that did not involve a patriarchal approach, especially not a Christian God. By embracing a goddess-centered belief system, I claimed the feminine divinity within. In some ways, I am surprised that I did not seek a Dianic coven, especially during the years I was coming out as a lesbian. These days I find myself moving more toward inclusiveness of both male and female energy. But I strongly suspect that has a lot to do with Cameron, because she priests using male energy.

Ironically, walking the path of the Goddess has brought me full circle. Once I redefined my spirituality on the Goddess, I found new ways to relate to the God. As I worked with various gods, and found men who were trustworthy, I found healing. Eventually, that led back to a Christian church (Episcopalian). There days I don't see the divisions that separate paganism and Christianity. Instead, I see the layers that make Divinity approachable to all.

Just as there are Christian mysteries, or Wiccan Mysteries, there are also Women's mysteries and Men's mysteries. As we travel through those numinous spaces, we connect with deeper levels of self and Divinity. So it seems reasonable to me that working with exclusive groups can deepen our spirituality. And for some, it seems to me, it is appropriate to seek gods or goddesses exclusively. I don't think that indicates a handicap. I do think it simply indicates what works for the individual. I also think my beliefs are once more a reason I claim to be an eclectic witch!


  1. Ah but dear one, you say yourself "As I worked with various gods, and found men who were trustworthy, I found healing." Certainly you needed to do what you needed to do, for a time, but you did not begin to heal wholly or find true balance until you could embrace both the female and the male aspects of divinity.

  2. Theres alot to think about here. I may have to read this a few time to get a definate opinion. Nah no I dont, but I may add to this later. I do not agree with teaching newbies that its unnatural to focus soley on male or female energy. I have strong opinions about the idea of forced duality so to speak. Why must one focus on one as a union rather than seperating them? I see no harm in this and actualy prefer it this way.
    I will have to think carefully on this. Im not sure I like the insinuation that it is unnatural to have energy that is all feminine, sometimes that is what energy needs to be, likewise for male energuy. I myself often associate my path with female energy often times neglecting th emale Gods and still feel completely balance and natural.

  3. I decided I have something to add here.

    Let me preface this by saying I resent anyone telling me how to worship my Godde. This is probably why I am a Pagan solitaire and always will be. However, it is my opinion that we achieve true balance only through the recognition and honoring of ALL aspects of the Supreme Being, and not just the male and female gender, but also the light and dark. Does this mean I think we should *always* pray to or call on all aspects of the Divine? No, but every side has its place in our lives and only when we can see, respect and accept that do we find true peace in our souls.

    I do not know a single person who does not desire the love of another who will accept him/her as is, warts and all, and as I believe we are all representations of Godde's being, I believe Godde too desires that same level of devotion and acceptance.

    So shoot me. ;-)