Saturday, October 15, 2011

Second Guest Post by Cameron - the Bridges in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Dreamweaver just crossed over the new bridge in Chattanooga....there are 3 bridges here; the old suspension bridge in the fore ground, a foot bridge, and then the new bridge in the distance.

 Walnut St. Foot bridge

The new bridge that Dreamweaver drove over.

She spoke with an individual who had driven an 18 wheeler over the old suspension bridge - it was so narrow, he said, that you sorta squinted and held your breath squeezing across it. She is not far from Atlanta now where she stops for the night, where Fiber Geek will be treating her to some rest, use of a hot shower, sushi and beer!  Wish I could be there! But she'll be home tomorrow! Yay! She will have more of her own pictures to post then too, instead of pictures I could find.

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  1. This post brought back memories for me; I have family -lots of it- in that area, and have frequently walked that foot bridge with my grandparents. Those are cherished memories for me, untouched by the ghosts and tensions spoken and unspoken that disturb my relationship with that side of the family. Thank you for the brief glimpse back into happy memories, and I hope Dreamweaver gets home soon and safe.