Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dinner with Parents

Last night the Scientist's parents met us for dinner. Her parents are very kind, accepting folks. When they were planning my son and their daughter's wedding, they stood up for Cameron and me. Indeed, it was the last time my partner ever wore a dress. Out of respect, she wore a dress for my son's wedding. However uncomfortable she might have been in that dress, the courtesy of that dress eased the day for many. I was pleased to have the opportunity for a meal and a light visit. After the meal, we lingered, chit chatting for about an hour.

That dinner stands out in sharp relief compared to today with my own parents. My mother seemed to be rested and recovered from our longer visit two days ago. They were both quite obviously pleased to see me. We had a lovely catfish dinner, and as soon as the meal was done, they left. No chit chat, no lingering, just a meal and a few stories, and it was done.

I had tears in my eyes as I was leaving. It will be another year before I see my parents again.

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