Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reflections and Snow

I work one Saturday out of every 4 or 5. Everyone dreads those Saturdays, even though we're only there a couple of hours. This Saturday was particularly challenging because Cameron and I stayed up late last night. Cameron's Dad had told her that there was a new projector system at the Planetarium, and it sounded like fun because last night's show was to be about astronauts. Lack of money, work, school, practicum and such have seriously deprived us of a social life these last four years. It was only $5, so we went. It was awesome! I had forgotten, however, how steep the school bus steps can be. Wow. But once I survived the school bus shuttle, the experience was impressive. I never experienced that kind of show before. Cameron's tummy, due to her lack of inner ear bones, didn't do so well with the Mars roller coaster. Or maybe that was a good excuse for a milk shake on the way home.

So I slept in till 4 am because Saturdays at work are casual. With the potential for the worst winter storm in 20 years to roll through Sunday and Monday, all the clients were concerned about getting their medication and safety. Unfortunately, Scrooge had to make a judgement call yesterday, when we could contact clients who were't in the clinic, to warn them to pick up today. He decided he'd be open Monday and closed Tuesday. With the winter weather predictions rolling in, I called clients to warn them to be at the clinic when it opens Monday. However, the weather predictions suggest most of won't make to the clinic on Monday, no matter how early.

I brought Cameron a croissant and we had breakfast before she headed to school for the day. Her class will likewise have to make some decisions as they scheduled for Monday and Tuesday night. Jan term classes only last a month, so they don't have much opportunity to make time up.

When she left, I headed to the post office. A lovely woman bought a Celtic necklace off my Etsy site. Who ever heard of not opening the post office window until 10? But it did give the opportunity to visit with some lovely ladies who likewise were stuck waiting. One was from New York and described several storms with 5-10 feet of snow. Her best story was when her husband was determined to get out and make it the corner grocery. She asked him to bring back something sweet. He bought donuts, but the fight through the snow left them in crumbles. She laughed and said they were delicious eaten with a spoon.

Necklace mailed, I came home to take a nap. That is, until I heard the updated weather report. I promptly headed to the storage building to search for fire starter, logs, etc. Found the camp stove. Paranoia? Maybe. But four years ago we went without power for 9 days. The weather channel is warning of possible loss of power with the snow and freezing rain. We're usually one of the last to be restored because we so far from town. Maybe I can talk Cameron into buying some wood on the way home.

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  1. Well, like the Girl Scouts say, "be prepared!" I hope the storm isn't too bad!