Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seven Inches ... and Counting

Snow, that is. Come on! I'm a lesbian.

Cameron and I watched the weather channel most of the day yesterday, debating about work. She'd get convinced I couldn't make it and I'd make a case for why I had to. Scrooge waited too long to be able to close today. Remember, I'm a substance abuse counselor and we do methadone maintenance. Methadone has a half life, meaning half of what you took yesterday will be in your system today. And half of half of the day before and so forth. So our clients can miss a dose and be fine. Maybe two if they take care of themselves and don't overdo. Had we been closed both Monday and Tuesday, folks who didn't know would be in withdrawal.

I was excited, like a kid before Christmas, and couldn't sleep last night. About 2:30 this morning I got my wish with enough snow to call and leave a message on my manager's voice mail saying the roads at my house were impassable. Since I leave for work at 4 am, that 2:30 isn't long before I would have been headed out anyway.

I've been amused by Weather Channel's focus on Atlanta and Charlotte. They really missed an excellent opportunity. They should have been in Greenville, SC.

I actually began this entry yesterday, but the internet did not cooperate. Since then, Cameron has posted wonderful pictures. So I'm referring you there!

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