Friday, January 15, 2010

Adding Horror to Tragedy

May the Lady Kali find means to exact her toll on those who would use a disaster of unspeakable magnitude to their own purpose. Keith Olbermann's response says it all.


  1. wow...I have nothing to add to that, except for my own sorrow and fury for the pain that idiots who do not comprehend how their words inflict harm on others and themselves cause other people. Silence is the beginning of wisdom...clearly we are dealing with fools here - Limbaugh and Robertson who do not know when to be silent.

  2. Zowie! Olbermann zinged those two fellers good, didn't he.

    Limbaugh is a damned fool and I don't pay much attention to anything that drips from his evil mouth. Robertson, on the other hand, is also an idiot who has the ear of many feeble minded fools. He abuses them, and I trust that he will come to mighty suffering for that abuse.

  3. Wow! Tell it like it is, Olbermann! Limbaugh and Robertson are such assholes.