Friday, November 13, 2009

Feeling Subversive Today

Maybe fussing about panties got me on a roll. Or maybe I've been too busy making necklaces lately to bitch. But today I am exhausted, cranky, and ready to give the world a piece of my mind. Next item on my list: "I Believe" license plates. US District Judge Cameron Curry ruled "I Believe" license plates to be illegal because it violates the First Amendment ban on establishment of religion by government. At least our judges have some sense. Unfortunately, my Christian brothers have a plan B to get a similar plate issued using a state law that permits private groups to issue tags they design.

There are a great many things that might be said about this issue. But at the crux of this issue lies a basic inequality in how this country views anything that is not Christian, that is not heterosexual, or that is any kind of "otherness". Until I can not only put a pentacle or a gay flag on my license, but also know that I am totally safe dong so, Christians have no right to put such license plates on the road. Eventually, such a mentality will lead to a world where if I don't sport such a profession of faith or heterosexuality or other party acceptance, that my otherness will still put me in danger.

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