Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Monday

And it's foggy and rainy, and I'm tired of the blues. So I stepped over to one of my favorite blogs for a little joy and a smile. I thought I'd share it with you, my cyber family .  A Fanciful Twist has such a joyful approach to living. While I'm too old and too jaded to be so cheerful, it does make me smile: )

And after I a weekend at the flea market, which was a bust, I need a smile. We payed $28 for a table for two days. Saturday was so cold that no one came to our forlorn, unprotected row. I made $6. We didn't even bother to go back on Sunday since it was equally cold and rainy. Instead, Cameron rested her hips on the futon while Brilliant and I made polymer clay beads, which turned out fabulous!

Next week is the last weekend before Christmas. I hope to make enough to pay off the payday loan I had to get for cat food and gas money. Nevertheless, today I am warm,  I have a job, however low paying, and I deliver two commission necklaces to a friend. She'll be blown away at them!


  1. well that much is the star shaped necklace? jenny and jamie have birthdays in march..think they would like them.

  2. Looking at these pictures, I think they could be used as part of a portfolio - maybe not the whole thing, but part of it. They look good - helps when you use a decent camera, doesn't it!!! I love you - don't give up! I will be right there by your side Saturday and things will go better! I have faith!

  3. Star shaped necklace is currently on sale for $15 (through you as long as I can keep in stock! have a couple more, as well). It also has handmade beads on it. Email at if you are interested. Discounts available for multiple purchases. Add a couple of dollars for postage.

    Patrons are adored, appreciated, and treated well!