Monday, December 21, 2009

I wish to share a happy story...

...that began very glumly. With a cut in pay to a third of what I was making less than two years ago, Cameron and I have scrambled to make ends meet, choosing to feed cats ahead of the people. Not that we've gone hungry, but that we give them Iams (less food eaten and less litter in the cat box needed) while we have eaten a lot of mac and cheese and such like. When Cameron's job ended last summer, we cinched our impoverished belt even tighter. Despite our lack of funds, miracles have continuously appeared. Each a blessing unlooked for. A generous and loving friend across the country put money in my paypal account, unasked. Friends praised my jewelry, things fell into place and I began my side business while attending grad classes, working full time, and spending time as a student therapist at the school's clinic.

When a friend suggested Barnyard Flea Market we checked it out and began vending. For the last six weeks I've beaded necklaces way past my bedtime, vended every weekend and walked around in a sleep deprived haze. Cameron has championed my efforts, providing biscuits, potty breaks and moral support. Cameron even created a panda bear focal point based on one of her paintings (which sold yesterday!).  We had some success at the flea market, but it was apparent that we were not in a venue that was appropriate for my work. We sometimes barely paid the table fee and bought hot chocolate. We lost money two weekends ago. One miraculous weekend we made $200 and were able to make it through the week. We worked out the table displays, improving weekly the putting up and taking down process.

Yet my work didn't seem to sell  like I thought it should. Sure, friends were buying here and there, but I could chalk that up to friendly generosity. My boss commission some pieces, but I still was loosing faith. Then an email came challenging my creativity and offering a fair price for my work and I wept (dearest sister, you know who you are--I look forward to beginning to create them next week!). The next day co-workers looking for last minute gifts received their Christmas necklaces from my boss that she had commissioned and started buying. And more today. And six more tomorrow!

What a joy to have my work appreciated. Cameron's excitedly anticipating a trip to the grocery story today for more than Ramen noodles, and I'm merrily planning my next commission. And my joy is so great that I needed to share my own Yule miracle.


  1. Solstice blessings to you and may they continue throughout the season!

  2. Congratulations and many Yule blessings to you and Cameron! I love your work and am looking forward to purchasing a piece when finanaces allow.

  3. So glad to hear that people are starting to appreciate your very deserving work! Best of luck and a very merry Yule to you both.