Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Spiral

So we have checked out the flea market and it looks like no one does exactly what I can do. Indeed, some of the glass focal pieces are available from other vendors, so I'll know not to bother to stock them, but all the other vendors put their glass on ribbons or cords. And charge a fortune to do it!

Moreover, no one stocks these spiral pieces. I'm working on business cards and marketing ideas this week. I'll also be spending the next two weeks creating more necklaces. Can't get a table for next week as they were all taken. Tough on the finances, but better for preparation.

I'm also trying to finish the commission for my boss. She bought 12 focal pieces that I am beading for her. I hope to finish them today. Pictures to follow!


  1. Normally I'm not big on beaded jewerly..actually I'm not big on jewerly at all..but I do love that spiral..a lot.

  2. Great necklace. VistaPrint has a great deal on business cards.

  3. Do you have any purple ones? Huh? Huh? ;-P