Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

I had to work Christmas Eve, as we always do. Over a month of "traditional" Christmas music, turned too high, culminates in Santa Claus and a clinic full of children on top of the usual chaos and the added chaos of those who depend upon methadone daily. And addicts also tend to walk around triggered for a month before Thanksgiving until shortly after New Years. So the conclusion of the working day was a huge relief.

We gathered at a friend's for the Orphan's Christmas. Unfortunately, he and his wife separated two years ago, and finalized the divorce most recently. It's been hard watching two people who shared their lives for twice the amount of time I've known them shred their relationship and bicker over the details. The last detail is the house will be sold, so there will be no more Orphan's gatherings in the same place. Nevertheless, we had a lovely evening with friends, followed by the midnight service at church. I treasure being Episcopalian in a gay friendly church. The heavy Pagan influences also don't hurt.

Photo: I love Christmas Eve service....

Since we cannot find a stable Pagan group in our area, the church is of great spiritual comfort. And the service last night was a joy. I've been ill with first an upper respiratory infection, and then an upper respiratory virus. So as Cameron has tried to get back to church, I've not been accompanying him. Being in church for a very familiar service, listening to the priest talk about things that ring of the Sacred Feminine, was amazing. It touched that deep place that calls me to the path of the Goddess, to the Sacred, to Being and Becoming. It's, after all, not about the destination but the journey. And the journey is good.

Cameron and I are enjoying a quiet day today together. School is done, the license is complete, my body is healed. We have a new grandson who is very much part of our lives.

Today we have corned beef in the crock pot and are watching Highlander today on Netflicks. It's a wonderful day. Thor was thrilled when I put the crock pot on. He licked the edge and dreamed of when he was kitten. Thor was found cold and wet, wandering a field behind the neighbor's house. They thought perhaps he was one of ours. It only became a few moments for him to become one ours. A few days later on Christmas, he made off with a piece of corned beef. He couldn't have been more than 10 weeks old, and the corned beef was bigger than he was. He managed to keep the entire house off of him and eat every bite himself. Then he feel into a food coma for the next 24 hours.

After he gave up on the lid, Thor fell asleep on the table. Christmas day is hard work!

Photo: Evidently supervising the corned beef is hard work...Thor now must take a nap!

Merry Christmas to all, and welcome back to my blog. Other days will be filled with complexities and challenges. Today is beautiful and wonderful.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and Cameron! I enjoyed the tale of Thor the Mighty Corned Beef Thief.