Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's Hobbit Day!

Cameron's college roommate from, oh, about 30 years ago, remains a huge part of our lives. Today she and her husband are taking us to see The Hobbit for Christmas! While I am thrilled, Cameron is beyond ecstatic. He was up early this morning, showered, and garbed in his new Hobbit t-shirt before I was even completely awake...and I'm normally the early morning person.

Oh course, getting up early was inhibited by the third week of recovery from the flu, and from the 10 hour adventure yesterday of installing a new TV in the bedroom. Our company gave us a Christmas bonus Friday. Cameron had already been looking, leaving a sticky trail of drool across every TV in the store. The folks at Best Buy were very helpful, but we all underestimated the challenge of hanging a TV in a 30 year old mobile home.

The adventure began at 10 in the morning and ended with three trips to Home Depot and mostly finishing about 8 at night. We had to move furniture, discard the 14 year old monstrosity that had stopped working, move art, and rearrange the entire room. The adventure spilled into the living room as well, as Cameron's God and Goddess painting had to be moved, which required even more shifting of art and furniture.

At last we were ready to and the new bracket. Uh...we forgot to take into account that the 2 1/2 screws that secure the mount for the TV will poke through a 2 inch trailer stud. Yeah...Home Depot. Several times. Brainstorming, a patient sales clerk with an idea for a brace that will hid behind the painting....well, you get the idea.

So we finally get done and Cameron plugs in Lord of the Rings...and I fell asleep!


  1. It was an awesome movie! The TV screen in 32 inch, which is plenty for our bedroom. I feel quite blessed today! :)