Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 5, Year 01, Trumpland: Voter Fraud

I'll make this one much shorter.

We have a president who lives by appearances. He is a narcissist who has to look good and insists that his cabinet looks good, too. That's part of the reason Sean Spicer, the press secretary, got so in much trouble Sunday. He was a little disheveled late on a Sunday afternoon, unpacking his office. Probably had removed his suit coat and tie, was trying to organize his papers, books and decorations. In comes Donald, in a fit of pique, because he didn't like the numbers being bantered about. He cannot tolerate being number 2. After an hour or more of arguing with his team, and demanding that Spicer read the press the riot act, like bad kindergartners, Spicer got in trouble again for not being crisp in appearance and evil enough in demeanor.

Donald is angry his approval ratings are so low. He's angry that only 200,000 came to his election on a cold, rainy day. (Although he claims it didn't rain on him....even though some ass said it was blessing of God, I think the heavens wept for the shame we brought on this nation.) And he's especially angry he lost the popular vote. So in Trumpland, 3-5 million votes were fraudulent.

Hillary won 62% of the vote in California. The top election officials, The National Association of Secretaries of State" state they are not aware of any documented cases of voter fraud" (MSNBC). California states unequivocally that their system in accurate. Donald doesn't believe them. Donald thinks we have people living in this country illegally and they are voting. However, studies show that voter fraud is virtually nonexistent.

Go read a few biographies about Donald. He likes to play with numbers. He does not understand scientific proof. He doesn't honor statistically proven facts. He believes he's worth billions, and claims it. He believes his value goes up in the day, he claims it, although nothing statistically changed. However, claiming voter fraud lays the groundwork for Trumpian domination.

Donald has Jeff Sessions, who has a history of voter suppression, as do several other cabinet members. If America and Congress are drawn into "rampant, systemic voter fraud" he can control the vote. He's taken a page from Mr Putin and his planning his reelection.

This is from The Hill:
But Sanders said he thinks Trump is trying to lay the groundwork for Republican governors to pass tougher voting laws. 
"What I fear about that statement, and what is something we should all worry about ... [is that] he is sending a message to every Republican governor in this country to go forward with voter suppression," he said. 
Sanders called voter suppression the "great political and Democratic crisis" that faces the country. 
"My belief is we have got to do everything to kind of make sure that everybody in this country who is legally able to is able to vote," he added. 
Sanders's comments come after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) sidestepped weighing in on Trump's comments Tuesday.
Another day I will discuss the scumbag named Mitchy Boy. Today, know that he is worse than bottom feeder. Back to topic. Note that Spicer denies investigating voter fraud. We all know that will never happen as there isn't any and Trump needs voter fraud to get voter suppression.. They need to make claims that fit their narrative, not disprove it.

In another story, word escaping the insides of Trumpland is shutting down. We won't know what is going on until it is too late. Here's what came out of the EPA today. According to Yahoo News:
The Trump administration has instituted a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding any new contracts or grants, part of a broader communications clampdown within the executive branch.

Emails sent to EPA staff since President Donald Trump's inauguration Friday and reviewed by The Associated Press detailed specific prohibitions banning press releases, blog updates or posts to the agency's social media accounts.
Donald has shut down all contracts through the EPA. Obviously so he can start handing out the spoils to his new oligarchy.  The Hill says, " EPA contracts with outside vendors for a wide array of services, from engineering and research science to janitorial supplies."

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