Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 3, Year 1, Trumpland: Alt Facts

"Totally without merit," says Donald Trump.

WTF. He's being sued over the constitutional violation of the emoluments clause. But in Trumpland, facts are "overly dramatic, Chuck."

"Alternative facts are not facts, they are falsehoods." The new word, friends, is alt facts.

Let's talk. Today this came out in the New York Times.

Foreign Payments to Trump Firms Violate Constitution, Suit Will Claim

We just had a president without any kind of scandal. Now we have this. But, he says, it's without merit.

KellyAnn says the tax returns that would demonstrate his financial ties issue was litigated during the election and the voters simply don't care. Not true. Was disputed and they refused to provide his tax returns. And every voter I know, cares. Even the ones who voted for him.

Abortion saves lives. Ironic, but planned parenthood makes alternatives and resources available that prevent abortions. When women choose to have an abortion, it is done safely. Has America forgotten about desperate coat hooks? The cost to women's lives will triple when Planned Parenthood again have their hands tied. Today, a very quiet foreshadowing of the death of women's choice appeared. H.R. 586 currently has no publicly available text, but the title says it all: "To provide that human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization."

Worse, at the CIA this weekend, amid his self aggrandizing speech, Trump announced we should have kept Iraq's oil.What?! After the president made this statement, Iraqi security officials working with Americans on the ground blowing up ISIS fighters were interviewed (this is from tonight's Rachel Maddow). But the president said we might be there to get our hands on their oil. They said exactly what is expect. "He cannot do it. I would fight the Americans if they come for the oil. He would have to launch a new military front. It would be a new World War."

He just put the kiss of death on cooperation among allies. He has put our troops at risk. Oh, Exxon Rex Tillerson just became Secretary of State. Suspicion of America abounds. Maybe we are trying to steal the resources of other countries. It is now a new US policy. Our people's lives were put at risk today.

BTW. He also packed the first three rows with staff that cheer. CIA people know what those stars mean, and have respect for the room and the solemnity of their duty. Wish the president did.

Folks, we are going to lose free press. Today Sean Spicer took questions at the White House Briefing Room. This is from a Fox Article entitled "Spicer, the New Sheriff, Shakes up the White House Press Room. How Refreshing." Here's part of it:

At his first White House briefing, Trump press secretary Sean Spicer drew nervous tweets from the liberal media for calling on sources outside their comfort zone. He didn’t start with the usual alphabet: AP, ABC, CBS, NBC. He started with the New York Post, whose representative asked him when Trump would start building that wall he promised on the southern border.

CNN media reporter Brian Stelter was wowed: “He's literally AND symbolically going over the heads of the reporters from the biggest newspapers and TV networks.”

Let me point out that Rupert Murdoch owns Fox. And owns the NY Post who got the first question today. It's like the National Inquirer, if you didn't know. Mind, Murdoch is unhappy with current regulations which prevent cross ownership which protects us from being the victim of State Owned Media like Russia. And the Christian weekly magazine called Christian Broadcasting Network got the second question. Rupert Murdoch talks to Mr Trump a reported five times a week. They buddies up after the early stages of the campaign when Murdoch realized Trump could rescind the regulations that prevent him from buying the remaining news sources he doesn't already own.

We now live in a world of alternative facts dictated by fanatic about appearance and wealth. BTW, Trump continues to blame voter fraud for loosing the popular vote today. I'm sure that won't be a problem by the next election as states continue to make ID laws more difficult.

Did I mention election day was retroactively declared the National Day of Patriotic Devotion? Trumpland is the new dystopia.

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